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Old friends, new memories

I am in jolly old England, visiting a friend for her 25th wedding anniversary along with her daughter’s (and my Goddaughter’s) 21st birthday. We have known each other for almost 30 years, and one of the things that drew us together in the first place was our love of food.
When we met in Europe both of us were young adults looking to experience the world. We tried any new thing we could – local specialties, traditional fare, and a few local wines 🙂 Over the years, we have shared all kinds of recipes over the miles and every time we get together we have more favourites to share as well. This trip is no different.

Yesterday afternoon at tea time, we sampled rusks, a South African sort of biscotti. I hadn’t had them since visiting my friend in Cape Town and the taste took me back immediately.

Last night we had a simple but tasteful meal of ribeye steak paired with a salad. My chef husband Martin shared a taste of his Taboo BBQ Latino spice rub to make it extra special. We rewarded ourselves for a healthy meal and brought home the concept of celebrating 25 years with a chocolate soufflé for dessert.

Tonight we’re having pheasant risotto – local pheasant was used for the stock (we had roast pheasant the night we arrived). We bought some delectable chocolate truffles in Oxford today to share with coffee.
Tomorrow us girls are off to London to have lunch at a trendy Venetian restaurant, Polpo. It was one of our fave cities on that fateful Contiki trip to Europe so many years ago so it seemed fitting to have those tastes again as another
milestone occurs.
I can hardly wait for Saturday night, the big celebration. We’ll be in a marquee tent behind the house, all dressed to the nines. Martin is cooking appies, and I know he’ll have new fans as a result. My goddaughter and her friends will do their best to keep to us old farts as we party the night away and make more memories.

Each time around the table we share stories, we laugh, we nod knowingly as we each bare our souls he way close friends do. I am chuffed to hold these people close to my heart and know that with so many tastes I can bring them closer even when they are half a world away.


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