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The Rising 

My hubbie was cooking up a storm in the kitchen this afternoon. We are counting down the days till we leave for our winter holiday and so final preparations are underway. That includes stocking the kitchen for our house and dog sitter.

“The troops”, Simon & Ella

She takes good care of “the troops”, so we like to take good care of her. The room is full of the smells of fresh baking and buns are rising on the counter. 

Chef Martin’s famous scones, this time made with cherries from our tree

Pecan sticky buns on the rise

I will not lie; the house sitter is not the only one to benefit from this effort. I plan to enjoy a spectacular breakfast tomorrow, and I will be returning home from holidays knowing there are goodies in the freezer. 

Ta da!

I shall dream of a hot cup of fresh coffee and a gooey sticky bun with a few morsels of blue cheese. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. 

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