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I’m Giving You a Raspberry!

I wanted to create a post that would showcase something elegant for a summer garden party. I was thinking of keeping up to Martha Stewart and all her beautiful flower arrangements amidst pastel-coloured cocktails, or perhaps Alice Waters-style with sprigs of just-snipped herbs on every plate. Well, I never got the time to put an idea together. Instead, here are my impromptu notes…

At Rabbit Hollow we have what we call an edible fence. Our property line is covered on one side of the yard with all kinds of fruit trees and berry bushes. The most prolific of these are the golden raspberry canes that are now in their fourth year here. They are wonderful fruits, a bit less tangy than red raspberries and certainly more exotic to look at. The ones we have are everbearing, so from June through November we get to nibble on these little delights every morning if we want. I usually sneak a few after I walk the dogs and water the garden in the morning. There is something wonderfully rebellious about stuffing mouthfuls of raspberries into your mouth even before you’ve put your business clothes on 🙂

The catch is, the little bit of nibbling is not keeping up with production anymore. As a result, I have started to look for recipes that highlight their delicate flavour, and Raspberry Financiers are just about perfect. They are a lovely afternoon tea treat, but I have found that they make a decadent Sunday breakfast. You can be lazy and add them to pancakes, but this recipe is sure to impress everyone at the table.

So, this post is a reminder for you to combine the irreverent and the elegant occasionally, just for fun. Be serious about having fun. Life is short and it is meant to be enjoyed and shared. Have an extra mouthful of berries and let yourself smile.

Bon Appetit!

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