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What are you serving Santa tonight?

When I was a kid, what went on the plate for Santa was always a big debate. My brother and I would each have our opinion and we both wanted to have the shortbread we decorated on the plate. Santa got milk at our house, not scotch (as I learned was the norm at some other houses). And it wasn’t until I was older that I learned of the custom of leaving a carrot for the reindeer. (Maybe that’s how my Chocolate Lab learned to like carrots – Santa fed her some!)

I would love to know what is the cherished thing for Santa to get at your house on Christmas Eve. Or, what is your favourite thing?
Please leave your comments.

I will be putting out some shortbread, a mincemeat kiss, some vinarterta, and a bit of choocolate-covered sponge toffee. Santa told me he likes single malt, so in the interest of maximizing my chances at a full stocking, I shall leave him a wee tipple.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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