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For the love of food

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Valentine’s Day is one of those events that tends to elicit strong emotions in people, and not always positive ones. It has possibly become the worst example of a commercialized holiday, and it tends to favour couples relentlessly, leaving single people in a funk. I for one think this is a sentiment that is better expressed any day of the year, not as a scheduled event. Send your lover fl0wers when they are in season, not when an industry decides the flower to send (roses) is one of those at its peak in pricing. Go out for dinner when it suits you, not when the restaurants pack people in and those people look to organize a romantic event in a busy room with a planned menu that hopes to make up for serving too many people at once.

So, as a small gesture in protest, I say “stuff it!” Enjoy the person, or the things, or the situations you love on this day – and don’t worry about fitting into the marketing plan. If you want to eat chocolate, I just posted my recipe for Brownies. classic brownies Happy GourmandIt’s a classic I’ve used since my teen years and it’s worked for everything from romantic nights to break-up binges. If you are more of a savoury person, how about thinking outside the box? My husband Martin submitted a Jerk Chicken recipe to a local radio that chooses winners weekly to inspire people to cook in their kitchens. We love Jerk Chicken because it reminds us of a fave holiday spot, Jamaica. Maybe you want to turn the heat up and eat in your bathing suit?

Life is about enjoying the moments – how does that saying go?

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but rather by the moments that take our breath away.

Whether that is cooking for someone, or with someone, or eating with someone, or while thinking of someone… any variation will work. We have to eat, we might as well enjoy it. Our memories link an experience to a taste, so let’s make sure we can link as many smiles as possible.

Happy Valentine’s Day. May your heart be happy in whatever you do today.

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