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Best friends in the kitchen

I am in Calgary visiting a long-standing girlfriend and it has been wonderful to catch up and have some quality “girl time”. We have been around for numerous events in each other’s lives, but  it’s nice to enjoy everyday things together too. One of the reasons I always knew we could be good friends was how we could operate in a kitchen together.  From a simple cup of coffee (or tea, now as we get older and don’t tolerate the caffeine :)) to a full -fledged family meal or even entertaining, we can putter away together and always come up with something that tastes wonderful and looks great, and we have fun doing it. Not only are we nourished by the food, but also by the company.

Perhaps it is a mutual love of dance that helps us understand the way people need to weave in and out of a kitchen, orchestrating movements so that they are efficient and also harmonious. Maybe it is simply the love of life we share, that need to make the most of moments as they happen and take in all the magic they have to offer. Summing up a moment with a toast at the table is a wonderful way to ensure that memory is catalogued for future enjoyment.

It could be that we both come by our love of the kitchen honestly, too… both of our Moms have spent a lot of time there over the years and I think the smell of good food growing up does affect your brain. When you have a Mom who combines the practicality of cooking for a family with the desire to ensure the food is enjoyed as an experience, then you have a perfect recipe for success. I was thrilled to be able to spend time with Sue’s mom, Alice, on this trip – we spent a thoroughly enjoyable time at Heritage Park, having brunch, singing carols, petting reindeer, and hearing all kinds of great stories – many from pioneer kitchens. (I’ll be posting the awesome pictures as soon as I get home.)

I will be posting more on my trip to my old stomping ground in the coming week – Calgary has become a great city for us gourmands. Now I am off to lunch!

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