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Show the Earth some love… enjoy an evening by candlelight

Earth Hour is tonight – will you be joining in the celebration? Since 2008, there has been one hour when people around the planet turn their lights off for one hour, in recognition of the need for action to create a more sustainable environment. If you didn’t think each of us could make a difference, check out their website for some of the great photos of places around the world that are dimming their bulbs for this evening.

If you’re worried about eating in the dark, don’t be. Seize the spirit of adventure and discover what the food and drink tastes like when you can’t see it. Did you know that even wine experts are stumped almost 50% of the time when they can’t tell if the wine they are tasting is red or white? Our sense of sight is so dominant that we make assumptions based on what it shows us. Sounds a bit like our assumption of living beyond the means of our planet, no?

But really, who needs another reason to enjoy a candelit evening? If you don’t have someone to snuggle up with, it’s a great excuse for a nice soak in a tub of bubbles with your favourite glass of wine.

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