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Spring Tips

I’m in the UK visiting friends; we have not only enjoyed great food and drink but we are also “solving the problems of the world”, so to speak. I thought I would share some of our wisdom with you…
We were sitting around the table this morning dunking our rusks in our respective hot drinks, and “spring cleaning” came up. The discussion centred around all the tasks that come around with the changing of seasons. There were people there from England, South Africa, Germany and Canada, all contributing their pearls of wisdom. From an international group of experience, here are our best tips:

– when its time to change the clocks for daylight savings in spring and fall, put a reminder to change the batteries in your smoke and CO2 alarms (did you know that clocks change at a different time in Europe? They change later in spring and earlier in fall)
– Invest in a pair of rubber boots for early spring and late fall walks and “mucking out” the yard or garden; add a pair of heavy wool socks and/or fleece insoles to ensure your toes are toasty (L L Bean is great for buying these items online)
– when making hot cocoa after a cool afternoon outside, stick to real cocoa instead of prepared syrups for a richer taste. Add 2 tbsp cocoa and 1 tbsp honey or sugar per cup. Add a pinch of ground cinnamon for an extra cozy taste 🙂
– when your lovely ceramic tea cups get stained after much use, put a tsp of bleach in them with hot water poured to the top and let them sit overnight. Rinse them well and they look like new!
– when you’re baking tea loaves (banana, lemon, etc. – see my recipe archives for ideas if you need them) bake 2 and freeze one. When you have friends coming over for tea or book club or company coming, just thaw it overnight.

I could go on forever but I’ll leave that for other columns. I hope these tips help you out, or perhaps inspire you to invite a friend for tea so you can share your own tips.



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