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Excuses for a good time

It’s amazing the excuses we come up with to enjoy food and drink with friends. You’d think that it was something we weren’t supposed to do. Are we so entrenched in guilt about indulging in anything more than sustenance that we have to justify it?

Last week I was at my monthly book club meeting. Full disclosure – I didn’t read the book. I wanted to, but couldn’t find a copy on the few trips I made out and then I got busy. I wondered about not going to the meeting but I wanted to catch up with my friends. I made up for my guilt by bringing a decadent chocolate cake (it helps to have a chef as a husband). I arrived at the meeting to discover I wasn’t the only one to have not read the book, and there was lots of great food. After the wine was poured, we toasted to good friends – and good reading – and all was well.

Yesterday I went to a seminar downtown, near a coffee shop that sells these fantastic Mexican chocolate cookies that have chili in them. I convinced myself that I should check to make sure my business card was still posted on their bulletin board and in so doing, I should really spend some money in the shop since I am “taking up space” there. One bite into the cookie I didn’t care how lame an excuse that was – how pathetic is that? But really, I could even write off the cost of the cookie, since that purchase inspired this blog post. Okay, I’m bad.

In all honesty, I have been motivated my whole life by enjoying the moment, and my worst downfall is just not wanting to miss anything. When food is involved, that can be hazardous to your wardrobe. I am fortunate that I hanker for specialties and not buffets. I don’t focus on the historic sentiment about possibly dying tomorrow, but I do like to remember the idea, “eat, drink and be merry”. Who is with me?

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