Sandwich Filling Ideas

We can always remember PB & J or a tuna salad, but what if you want a sandwich with a bit more pizzazz? Other than spontaneously building a Dagwood special with a sampling of all the cold cuts and cheese and spreads you have in your fridge, it can be a bit daunting.

So, I decided to catalog some of my favourite inspirations, beyond the standard bruschetta and sliced roast beef varieties. Credit goes to my old standby, The Frog Commissary Cookbook, as well as Chef Ottolenghi for his plethora of crostini toppings in his many books – they are my ongoing inspiration.

A note for any gluten-free readers: it’s easy to get creative and use Romaine lettuce leaves or cucumber slices as a base instead of bread. Iceberg lettuce wraps work too, or soft corn tortillas.



Olive tapenade with sliced fresh tomatoes

Sliced French breakfast radishes with butter

Arugula pesto with shaved Asiago

Shaved Parmesan with a drizzle of honey & toasted walnut pieces

Blue cheese with pear and pine nuts on rye (adaptable with different fruits & cheeses for each season, too)

Smoked salmon and dill sour cream (with optional capers and/or onions) on pumpernickel bagels

Prosciutto with blanched or roasted asparagus spears and a thin spread of goat cheese with minced rosemary or thyme – drizzle with olive oil & top with fresh ground pepper


sandwich assortment

Cold shredded chicken with romaine lettuce, spread with a mango chutney mayonnaise

Smoked turkey with watercress or arugula, Gouda cheese and cranberry chutney

Cold meatloaf with a chipotle mayo (or your favourite BBQ sauce), iceberg lettuce

Grilled (room temp.) veggies, sundried tomato paste, grated Gruyere or Gouda

Spreadable cream cheese with cucumber slices and watercress

Black Forest ham, aged cheddar and and fruit chutney

Curried tuna salad (add curry powder to your mayo when mixing) with smoked Gouda cheese and Buttercrunch lettuce

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