hummus dip garnished with sumac and an olive

No matter which way you spell it, this stuff is great to have around – it’s easy to make, easy to eat, it’s healthy and it keeps well. Not to mention that it tastes great, too. My recipe is a more traditional version, made with chick peas and cumin. It was taught to me by someone who grew up on the stuff, and it has remained one of my favourite recipes ever since.

(this makes enough for a party, with leftovers. You can easily make just half if you like.)

500 g chick peas, canned

200 mL tahini

3-4 garlic cloves (to taste – start with 2)

juice of 3 lemons

1/2 tsp salt

3/4 tsp cumin, toasted and freshly ground if possible

Drain the chick peas, saving 50 mL of the canning water. Rinse them and mix in a food processor or blender until a purée starts to form (you still wnt to see some lumps).

Add half of the tahini, salt and cumin and mix again. Place garlic cloves in a mortar along with a generous pinch of salt and blend. Press the juice from the lemons and add half to the purée along with the garlic. Blend just until mixed. Add the remaining tahini and cumin, and blend again. Then add lemon juice to taste – the final product should have balance with the tanginess of the lemon, the richness of the tahini and chick peas and the aromatic flavour of the cumin.

Hummus can be used as a spread in sandwiches, or as a dip with veggies and flatbread. It can be piped on vegetables or crackers, too. If serving as a dip, drizzle a bit of olive oil over before serving.


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