The Vagrancies of Weather

There is a storm coming in today.  It’s coming from the south yet it’s a California circle of weather and we are just on the edge making the circle’s extreme edge the south. Horrible weather for Canada usually translates into cooler bearable; tomatoes don’t ripen as they should, there is more wind than is necessary thank you very much and after the sun goes down, we wear our woolies. Mexicans wear lugs and downfilled jackets this time of year! Forecasts for tomorrow are very gusty winds, much moisture (which is such a variable it’s laughable) and generally inhospitable. It does let us know there is no chance of snow.

As is with most weekends that run into bad weather there are multiple outdoor social events to consider not attending: the Rescate (the subscription med/aid for US/Cdn citizens  who need emergency services) bazaar and auction of goods with local crafts and goodies, the local SPCA book sale, a local Saturday gathering place market and an artist showing. Then there’s the golf, the pickleball tournament, windsurfing events, fishing tourmanents and ongoing diving, birding and sealife touring. Cycling and hiking are on the upswing but not exactly Moab territory yet. A place with options. This does not include all the boat owners who just roll their eyes at anyone who does anything else. Boating was the beginning of this community and is a backbone that thru all remains.

The most interesting bit about this burg of San Carlos is the incredible diversity of interests that galvanize people to come here and ultimately keep them apart. The illusion of a very small community was not planned. Yet everyone here is amazed at the numbers of people at any given event that will attract all groups. There is always a comment from someone that says ‘Wow, there were so many people and I didn’t see anyone I knew!’ I am in that category. Everywhere I go I see more and more people I don’t recognize from anywhere I have been or anything I do. Yet because of my age and a number of things I am involved in I do associate with longtimers.

I noticed today that with the high winds the pelicans, cranes, egrets and larger species are all holed up in the esturary. Lots of water and fish this time of year so they are just hanging out. Kinda like the rest of us.

I’ve been cooking but nothing that is spectacular. Pulled off some profiteroles that were great choux, a chocolate filling not quite pudding nor mousse and managed a just about whipped cream. Tooled with variances on eggplant parmesan which I liked and tried out the baking power/salt dusting for super crispy wings. This was/is a work in progress. Don’t know where it went wrong but … good bones …

Your faithful Happy Gourmand is back from her sojourn in the sun and at the Hollow I see. I will sign off with a few photos of the estuary and it’s beautiful birds. A bit of palapa repair construction as it’s always amazing what’s done with debris…in this case palm fronds. Will enter this dialogue again if invited as a guest with updates on ‘a room of one’s own’ and pics of same so you can follow the innovative construction techniques and keep you posted on my garden, birds and cooking experients.

img_0003img_0004img_0009img_3699img_3692img_3697img_3703img_3695img_3700img_3701I wasn’t as disciplined as your blogger I know but I enjoyed myself immensely. Thanks.



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I am a professional gourmande - a lover of life. Not only food and drink, but life in general. I love experiencing life to its fullest, and I love sharing my adventures with others.

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