Yet one more experiment…

No pictures tonight of tonight. Somehow missed that the camera needed charging and also ran out of Telemex money. Carlos Slim, the multi-mega-Mexican Bill Gates without the foundations makes sure phone service and phones are cheap enough but there is no plan that forgives your $ date. Tis all pay it forward. End I will post some Mexico City market photos…tis a market worth thinking about visiting. And, a bit of the wonder.

Got some wonderful looking fresh market garden brussels sprouts at the Empalme market. Cabbage of any sort not my fave vegetable. Creates rumblings in my tummy. They looked so beautiful couldn’t resist. Next life I won’t try and cook but paint! Have had wonderful renditions of sprouts by Kristin and also Martin. Tonight’s was a miso base marinate for baking. Really stretched for a protein to match: didn’t want beef anything, no ground pork for a meatball with ginger plus crunch something, chicken was also in short supply for barbequing or roasting. Meat is funny here in San Carlos. There is the grocery; brought in packaged everything. The little Mexican grocery that has developed a marketing plan to incorporate their ‘tourist’ patrons has a great freezer and a butcher. The senior guy is fantastic; enough English that he smiles when he plays with you and that wonderful expertise when he understands and you don’t that he repeats, in English, exactly what you want. There just was no fresh pork or chicken today. Anywhere in San Carlos. What the market did have was a smoked very large chop. This was a mean porker! So, two chops. I am thinking with the bulb of fresh ginger miracuously found at the chain, some relatively hot cherry peppers wrinkling in the bowl and some soy plus lime I might match the miso sprouts. Knew rice would not fly for the eaters so baby potatoe very lightly smashed with green onion and a tiny bit of roasted garlic I had on hand. Not perfect but something.

The sprouts delicious but way too much sauce for the amount of green. Even I thought the poor sprouts tasted totally drowned. Will do it again but less marinate. This mix took away the cabbage taste, to me overpowering aroma and produced pizzaz to the tastebuds. The potatoe mix worked even as an add on. The meat was less so. The smoked did not take the fresh ginger to heart and only little heat stood out. Less than stellar but what the hey…twas an experiment in availability and on hand. Wine and hungry people, good conversation forgive lack of perfection. Those dining really only have to appreciate the effort. Not looking for any stars.

Mexico City market pics and a few of the sights in a way require no narrative. Perception is everything. Mine is in the photos. Hope yours will be somewhat titillated by mine. Cheers.




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I am a professional gourmande - a lover of life. Not only food and drink, but life in general. I love experiencing life to its fullest, and I love sharing my adventures with others.

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  1. Ohhhh the colors at the market! The star pic of this post though- gorgeous Kristin! Bonita! 💃🏻 And I loved chef’s story of little market to table! 👏What’s a little extra marinade gonna hurt occasionally!? 😉

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