A Day at the Beach

It’s Kristin here – still on vacation, enjoying winter sun in the Yucatan. Most of the people we meet are other tourists and they too hail from places where the weather is not so kind this time of year. Most too live inland, so the water is a treat and sunsets with palm trees are a sign one is on holiday. Add in the heat and the tropical flavours and we all feel we are living the good life.

As I lay in the sun yesterday listening to the waves I wondered if my reverence for the sea comes at least in part from never living near it when I was a kid. A day at the beach was a part of vacation time, visiting relatives who lived in Vancouver.


Third Beach at Stanley Park, our most-often visited seaside spot in my childhood  it’s still lovely for families  


What better way to celebrate a good dive in Cozumel than with a margarita while laying over the ocean…

We would pack a picnic lunch, and sand-castle building gear, and a huge beach blanket and umbrella. My mom would read, my dad would meditate and think himself brown, and my brother and I would play and swim and muck in the sand… and flop down to rest and do it all again.

My mom’s masterfully made sandwiches were the best (don’t add mushy things like tomatoes till the last minute). Popsicles from the concession never tasted as good anywhere else. Beach time was quality time enjoyed together.

As an adult, lazy days and quality time are even more valuable and more cherished. I don’t just swim but scuba dive now, and the zen of being underwater is magic or my soul. To do it with my soul mate is the best feeling ever.

This trip we have seen turtles, rays, eels, crabs, lobster and sharks – not to mention more kinds of fish than I can remember. When we get back to the surface we relive our moments of excitement and share them with others. And we relax.





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I am a professional gourmande - a lover of life. Not only food and drink, but life in general. I love experiencing life to its fullest, and I love sharing my adventures with others.

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