The Build

I live in a house in the Bahia in San Carlos that is about 10yrs. old. It was built to specifications by the fellow I live with by a local contractor. It is sparse, designed to maximize heat in the Mexican winter and prevailing winds in the summer. There is magnificent light all year round. There is an ocean view, now being slightly obscured by trees which cause the owner to mumble somewhat and stunning views all round of the surrounding hills. Over one ridge is the estuary that is a run in for the arroyos that feed into the Bay of San Carlos. Great blue and grey Herrons, Roseate Spoonbills, all the Sea of Cortez Pelicans hang out there at some part of the day or other. img_0002_2-2

There is not much landscaping here; lady beside us is a doctor of landscape architecture plus a galleried painter in the US so her cactus, bushes and palms are very artfully arranged. Dirt is mostly just worn down rock and not very nutritious. Great composting takes place in the strip of garden we maintain. Most homeowners don’t have gardens either flower or vegetable; a pot on the patio and mostly just cactus, a wild grass or other local something with prickly bits and thorns in areas that are not tiled. In fact, most yards in this area are built from one boundry to another. The great outdoors is everyone’s yard. It’s the naturalness that I love. img_0003-2img_0002-2

Mostly for me, but as an offshoot to have a separate place for company (my people and old cruisers in and out provisioning or drydocking their boats aka his people), there is an extention being built this winter in what was the carport. Existing garage but being away a fair bit of time means the best automobile should be under a roof. Very hot summers hard on everything out and vehicles seem to wander here without measures to keep them grounded. No repurposing the garage. The original contractor is still in business and even more of a local institution. Hired again. Already a bond, and someone who will respect the integrity of the original idea even for just a room. A beautiful doe eyed, Spanish gentleman in the old colonial style he is such a delight. Plus we are all of an age so this is not so much work as enjoyment. For Hector, mostly retired now, keeping his crews working and providing for families, teaching a trade WELL so it will endure and fulfilling his word is just maintaining his lifeline. For me I want, even for just a room, to maintain the lines and integrity of the design of the house. It should be sinuous not an add-on. I am interested in design, the owner is a mathematician. It is a struggle sometimes to mesh on similar issues simply because the language is different. But the lines of the house are maintaining. Hector sees to that.

The rest of this post is pictures. We are just past having the concrete roof cured. Workers will be back tomorrow to continue. Electrical is in as it is encased in concrete. I will try and limit my incredulity at the methods of construction. It amazes me.  However, you can see what the view will be out toward the esturary. There will be a bathroom with handicap toilet height for us old guys, sink but industrial as a project space plus coffee etc. No shower as two in the house already. We toyed with patio…there is already existing. Bless Hector’s heart, there will be every window requested with improvements. We are still dickering with the glass block/solid enclosure for the toilet. My thinking is whoever is inhabiting will not mind the openness and certainly I won’t. The other option to me claustrophobic. A cubicle with elbow room only…yikes. All so we can function quietly!!

I’ll keep you posted.img_0004






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