She Said I Could…

No post today from this stalwart Gourmand person for the site…I am assuming great hijinks about and they are having loads of fun. So very deserved. This is Mom posting, one of my more favourite introductions.

Food has so many memories  as Kristin is fond of relating and revisited one tonight. I am in Mexico and can’t say that anything I have learned over the years about cooking certain things applies here. For me that’s dairy. Different. Eludes me. Continually. Haven’t conquered it. Luckily I don’t embarrass easily.

But today was fun. Effort as always when cooking, but hardly noticed. Found wonton wrappers in Hermisillo when last there. I am in San Carlos, state of Sonora, Mexico. North Mexico, just south of Tucson, USA. The Okanagan Valley is the top end of the Sonoran Desert where I reside, by the Sea of Cortez. Not Baja…across the Sea on the mainland. Boating community of US and Canadian expats, sailors and fishers nestled in bays and beauty and warmth. Basically a monoculture with interlopers. But back to finding wonton wrappers in Hermasillo, the capital city of the state.

Rustled together the mince, ginger (had it frozen don’t you know as very hard to find here), cabbage, chinese black mushrooms (hoarded from times past), bamboo shoots readily available canned (why I still am trying to find out), scallions, spices and away I went. Into memory.

Made my own wrappers the first few times as none available way back then. Bought the only obligatory book on Chinese Culinary Feats available and set forth. Either offspring can regale a crowd with the intracies of ‘Imperial Goldfish, the common fold, the fan’ and on and on. I did potstickers today so many years later and pleated. Will have to work up a routine on how hard it was as not so nimble apparently as I used to be. No kilts any time soon. Again comes the ‘I don’t embarrass easily’. Good thing. Yet I can hardly wait to taste. There was so much delight in the memory of times past put in to the making of these little delicacies they will not be anything but delicious.

Just to keep current I did pick up some Mexican scallops at the fish vendor. They grow pearls here and these are the pearl oyster muscles they cut out of the shells. Size of toonie’s. Sauteed with…well, not sure just what yet. I’ll









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I am a professional gourmande - a lover of life. Not only food and drink, but life in general. I love experiencing life to its fullest, and I love sharing my adventures with others.

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