Not Easily Embarrassed

Well, like I said. There are power outages here quite frequently in our area, sometimes continuously in little bursts over a period of hours, sometimes a constant couple of hours. My first post for this blog last night was one such occurance and the posted version was not the edit. Sorry.

On the up side, I did follow thru which is important particularly when it’s a commitment to someone cared for and about. This getting older has a tendency to edit life in a way. There are of a sudden lots of things that seemed necessary to daily living now under the no longer required category. Some of the void no children at home commitments. Lack of structured work.  Change of environs to a more relaxed lifestyle. Many little necessary adherences that gobble up our time and energy to make the whole work not a part of life anymore. This concentrating on oneself takes some getting used to. Like everything, there’s a curve to learning the satisfaction levels.

I have a close to insasiable curiousity. Just want to understand how we/it works, tastes, feels, smells…what does it look like? Being alive amazes and delights me. Even when it hurts. Always something new to experience. To understand.

I am fascinated at present with how readily we elders, who have adapted all our lives to live our lives, thru this sorting and editing process create a limited and narrow status quo of anything and anywhere. These are our tolerance levels we seem to say, otherwise it needs effort we do not want to expend.

You might wonder where this is headed. I don’t know. Musings on what should have been a delightful sojourn at the local expat Saturday morning marketplace. The first crack in the seemingly neverending graciousness of the Mexican people toward the Americans.

On a more positive note and one I am personally sure about the potstickers were great for dinner tonight. Four different sauces: a very spicy sweet chili, a chili ponzu that definitely had a bite, a vinegar (no black Chinese so balsamic), ginger, soy concoction and a chopped hot red pepper, chopped fresh garlic, more ginger and rice vinegar that was quite tasty. Cooking method was bang on, crispy on the bottom and steamed to perfection. These wrappers not quite as translucent and tender as they could have been so think I will try and perfect the dough yet one more time again. Also a chance while mixing and rolling to mull over the consquence of marketing a dream, raking in the proceeds and then denying the product.

Actually guess I’m back to where I started. Follow thru.





About happygourmand

I am a professional gourmande - a lover of life. Not only food and drink, but life in general. I love experiencing life to its fullest, and I love sharing my adventures with others.

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