Sunday recreation

I am continuing my efforts in baking bread today. Sunday is a great day to tackle a piece-by-piece recipe like bread; it allowed me to have the house smelling wonderful and still manage to get laundry done and vacuum and dust.

This time I tackled a rye bread recipe. I do have Scandinavian roots, and rye is a grain that flourishes in Northern climates. It also has health benefits over wheat breads, and so is supposed to be a good carb choice. (Just in case you were feeling any guilt about enjoying a slice. ) A rye sourdough is on my list as well, since that will offer even more benefits and a more unique taste.

It’s interesting that with all the data now on the Internet, you can search for the “best” whatchamacallit you’re looking for. If a lot of people have tried out something and recommended it, that gives a bit more background than just a simple reference to material. I’m hoping this recipe for Best German Rye Bread lives up to its title. I won’t list it as best because this is my first shot at trying rye, so I’ll reserve judgement. I’ve listed it as “Rye Bread” and I adapted the recipe with a bit more rye flour and making it only one loaf.


This bread was easy to work. It is also very tasty, light in texture but full of flavour. My only complaint is more about my equipment than the recipe. You see, we have a large standing mixer. It works great for my hubby, who is a private chef, but for me it’s almost always bigger than I need. In other needs, I’m not making enough for it to work well. But those are first world problems, aren’t they? When I started cooking and logging recipes, I had no electric equipment at all; even my beater was a hand-held model that ran on “arm-strong” power.

That said, bread is the kind of thing that seems to respond well to machines, but it is a soulful food. Working it by hand is cooking at its essence, some say. I do find a peace in making it.




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I am a professional gourmande - a lover of life. Not only food and drink, but life in general. I love experiencing life to its fullest, and I love sharing my adventures with others.

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  1. The staff of life…… 🙂 Looks delicious my friend. And indeed, a poetic reflection upon a serene Sunday xo

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