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Paprika Chicken

I saw a quote today from Bill Nye: “Every single person you meet will know something you don’t.” This blog is full of foodie information, and recipes, that are new adventures for me. I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for learning 🙂 Thanks Europa!

Europa...Taste the mediterranean...

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Let’s get at least one thing straight here – tasty though it is, Hungary has more to give the world of food than Goulash (proper recipe to follow shortly) and I have always wanted to include  some Hungarian dishes here among the humble pages of europa-café, so let’s start with a little food history; being the proud owner of Europes largest lake, lake Balaton, you would expect some pretty special freshwater fish dishes – and they do exist most definitely – from goose liver stuffed trout, lots of carp and crumbed pike perch not forgetting the unusual sheat-fish; similar to a catfish – some of them are huge – up to 2m is common – you’ll need a really big barbeque for that! On a culinary level, Hungary has a reputation for adding sour cream and of course, paprika to everything and dishes with an over use of heavy fats…

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