Are you a slow cooker? Or is that just a crock…

One of the trends in the kitchen of late seems to be cooking in a crock pot. I wrote about it in my local weekly column (you can see that post here). On of my readers requested vegetarian recipes that are made in a slow cooker, and as I don’t have one I couldn’t offer any advice at all. I found out there are whole websites and even an app devoted to this topic!

One recipe I found that I liked was from a British cook and it reminded me that we don’t all speak the same language in the kitchen, even when the words are all in English. I have included the recipe for Sweet Potato Stew in my archives with the required translations… Do you know what it means when it says “put the stoneware on the hob”?  I am always charmed by these idiosyncracies, and I have become somewhat of a geek about learning the significance of different expressions. Many years ago when I wrote my first cookbook I had to research terms so I could cook recipes; for example, I had never heard of a dessert spoon as a measurement – I didn’t even know how big (or small) a dessert spoon was!

Research on the internet is a slippery slope, and this search was a good example. I started looking for recipes and found a Facebook page that has great information not just on recipes but also what they call “frugal living”. (Apparently crock pots fit that lifestyle.) Wise Bread’s list of slow cooker recipes for “Lazy Vegetarians” had a great sense of humour. Then I narrowly averted being swayed by shopping sites (it is the biggest shopping week of the year, don’t you know). I took a small detour to check out a few entertaining ideas, but then came back to my search and finished off with a recipe that isn’t vegetarian but does showcase a trendy veggie: Slow Cooker Kale & Chorizo Soup.

crockpot we are what we eat

Maybe I’ll have to get a slow cooker one of these days… some of these recipes look pretty good 🙂 Please let me know what you think if you try any of them! A word of caution: please remember to reheat any leftovers to boiling to ensure any bacteria is killed. If you’re like me and you don’t own one yet but are interested, I found a great first-timer’s tip sheet and a good review post from the folks at The Kitchn.

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