Cheers and Bon Appetit!

The start of the New Year is a time when we all try to raise the bar for ourselves and look to aim a bit higher in what we accomplish in life. One of the things I think we sometimes forget in planning these goals is that we need to have time to share our successes with others. It helps us keep momentum if we can share our positive experiences, and hear of the same from other people. But when can you find the time to just “hang out” when you have so much to get done?? You might be surprised just what you can arrange if you give it a try…

cheers New Year

When we moved in to Rabbit Hollow a bit more than five years ago, Martin and I hosted a neighbourhood party – “Dessert before Christmas” (you know, as in “we don’t need any more indulgences but what the heck!”). We wanted to meet the neighbours. We thought the neighbours might see us as a bit odd but we just told them if they didn’t come we would have to eat it all ourselves! And you know what, it worked! We had a houseful, and almost everyone said what a great idea it was and that they’d been hoping to get together as a group for 20 years. Well, now our party is an annual event, and I love that many people on the block say it’s a holiday event not to be missed.

Christmas Open House invite

Our Dessert night made us feel we were a part of a community. Our new friends and neighbours helped us create our outdoor kitchen and fabulous gardens, so now our year includes a summer garden party as well, to thank them for their support. Everyone brings something for the table, and we all enjoy the day.

summer backyard party 2012

summer backyard party 2012

In case you are wondering, there are not any houses for sale on our street, but I am sure if you take the plunge you can be the one on your street to start things off with a block party or street fair… and if you have that already, hang onto it and make sure your kids know how important it is. Friends and neighbours are the best survival equipment you can have in your life – especially if you are busy. Food and wine have the ability to open doors and loosen up people just enough to have a good time.

friends are like stars happy gourmand

In today’s world, more and more people living in an ever growing community like Westbank need to get together once in while to talk about the needs of the neighbourhood and get to know each other. These days, not everyone goes to Church, or is part of local Lions club or even Rotary club. This certainly does not mean that we should not communicate with our neighbours.

To get you started, here is Martin’s recipe for cheesecake, always a favourite at our Dessert party. If you want more recipe ideas, you can visit  his Chef Instead website.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

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