Support the cause – have a cookie!

Did you know what time of year it is? Spring, yes, fine. Easter is coming soon, too… but there is another tradition that exists across Canada that happens every spring starting officially on the weekend around April 1 (no joke). You will see girls in front of your local stores and going door-to-door, dressed in spiffy scarves with what looks like a shamrock on them. They may have sashes covered in badges. They are probably nervous to ask you, “Would you like to buy a box of cookies?” I remember not knowing the price when I rang my first doorbell (it was $2 for a box back then, but that was a while ago). If you would like to support a good cause this spring, splurge on a $5 box of Girl Guide cookies, and support a world-wide institution that has helped girls to become better people for over 100 years.

this is the design I remember, dating back to the 70's. The first Girl Guide cookies were sold in 1927.

If you’re not keen on eating cookies, or don’t like processed foods, you can always pass along the box to the local Food Bank. In many places, the Girl Guides will do it for you. Or you can check out their website to see the recipes for other ways to enjoy these chocolate and vanilla classics. (For those who are fans of the chocolate mint cookies, you have to wait till October 1, unless you put some in your freezer!) There is even a recipe for “Kitty Litter Cake” with the comment, “this looks gross, but tastes delicious!” Obviously a lot of fun is had at those Girl Guide meetings 🙂

What better way to celebrate the joys of childhood – have a cookie and add to the fun for your community’s kids.

my girl likes cookies too (but she doesn't get to eat these ones)

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