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I would like to ask you a question … what is more important – service or product? If you go somewhere, like to a restaurant, and the food is amazing but the service is horrible, will you brave the service again for the sake of a good meal? Or, is it the other way around – you will sacrifice on food for the sake of a great server? I know that ideally we want the entire experience to be wonderful, but where are you willing to skimp?

I am working on starting a company sharing my expertise in guest service, so I would like to ask you for the sake of market research if you will cast your vote in this debate. Please feel free to post other comments as well; I want your opinion!

About happygourmand

I am a professional gourmande - a lover of life. Not only food and drink, but life in general. I love experiencing life to its fullest, and I love sharing my adventures with others.

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  1. I’m one of those people that need ambiance and service before food. I have a hard time going into some little cafe in some small town just because they have the best burgers. Can’t do it. I’d rather go somewhere nice and have an okay burger! Maybe I’m not gourmand enough!

    • Good to hear! Even us gourmands need a little ambience, I think. The only time the great food-bad service scenario works for me is if it’s a real adventure. Then at least it’s a good story later.

  2. Service wins the day! HG you have posed a great question. Even the most tastiest of delicacies will not be properly digested under duress! For me service= ambience. And there’s more…….. if the welcome is stellar and the service considerate, thoughtful and friendly…….. but less than expedient/professional……… the positive, genuine attitude of the service provider will STILL win the day. I would rather attend a restaurant where the food was satisfactory with great service, then endure a cold reception while trying to enjoy the best steak I ever had.
    In food service, or virtually anything else in life, attitude and the motivation behind the attitude speaks the loudest.

    • I’m so happy to hear that – it sounds like my new company has lots of support! Ensuring customers have a great experience is the secret, you’re saying, and that comes from more than the food.

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